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After suffering with Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) pain and limited jaw opening for 2 years, prescriptions for pain, physiotherapy, appointments with several doctors and surgeons, I am finally getting some relief using red light therapy from Kerber Applied Research. As a Dental Hygienist of 20 years, and an independent owner of a Dental Hygiene clinic, I am aware of the complexity of issues that can arise with TMJ pain, and I am not willing to settle for reduction of pain. I want my jaw to feel better AND function properly. Invasive massage and physiotherapy techniques seem to cause further stiffness, swelling, and pain, while passive light therapy triggers muscle release, and gains in jaw mobility almost immediately. After a month, I have reduced or eliminated medications for pain, and will continue light therapy in hopes of gaining my previous range of motion. Thanks Tom Kerber and staff!
Amy Dion (Dental Hygienist)

A childhood accident left me with a lower back injury, that, although I didn't know it at the time, would progressively get worse as I aged to the point that it seriously compromised my mobility and the quality of my life. With a large busy family of 5 married children and 10 grandchildren standing in the kitchen doing meal prep for a holiday, (or at any time) had become too difficult as I couldn't stand for any significant period of time. Long walks, gardening, my two favourite pastimes, had become almost impossible. I rejected the use of medications but grappled with what to do. One day I happened across a fellow from Kerber Applied Reasearch, doing research in Photodynamic Therapy, and he said that I would benefit from light therapy. I purchased his Light Canopy and after just a few sessions I noticed improvement. After only three months of use the quality of my life has improved considerably. There is a renewed sense of hope and joy in my life.
Erika Froese

After a cycling accident the ambulance took me to the hospital. At the hospital X-rays revealed 2 ribs the left 5th and 6th lateral ribs were broken with a collapsed left lung. Pain registering 7 out of 10 they discharged with no pain medication prescribed. Recommended to rest and resume activity as pain permits with an expected recovery time of 6 weeks. Starting the day following I began 30 minutes to 1 hour of PBM therapy daily using the full body Kerber Applied Research Light Bed. The device delivers wavelengths of 600 thru 1350 nm. After the initial 1 hour treatment I was on my bike that afternoon for a 25KM ride. Exercise resumed daily either bike rides or runs. Into the 2nd week of treatment I began using the SunPowerLED Mini-Canopy panel device (12 inch by 14 inch surface area) producing wavelengths at 660 nm, 850 nm and 940 nm. Treatments were for 30 minutes to 1 hour. After 3 weeks a follow up visit to the hospital for x-rays. The doctor commented he could see no sign that the ribs had ever been broken!
Allan Crowe

After a week of PBM therapy around my neck and shoulders, there is improvement in both mobility and pain relief. This has also happened with a two-day period where I was unable to treat during this time period. A physically stressful situation, impacted my neck with an increase in inflammation. Once I began to treat again, my body began to quickly respond with notable progress!! I am very hopeful that significant progress can be made on the chronic inflammation due to my cervical spinal stenosis of 20 years!! Most encouraging to me is that this is without any side affects that I encountered with anti-inflammatory medications.
Linda Clarke

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