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We are commited
to pushing technological
boundaries with light based
devices to improve


At Kerber USA we are committed to using light based technology to improve health one application at a time. Through innovative technologies, we offer disinfection, pain relief, and healing. Our leading-edge devices span infra red, ultra violet, and other light mediums. We are also proud to be affiliated with a number of leading like-minded companies including Kerber Applied Reaseach, SunPowerUVC, Illumacell, and Genesis to bring our combined product suites to market.

 Light Based Technologies

Innovative products and affiliate companies combine to bring health related light technologies to you!



Through our SunPowerLED family of devices we provide a number of technologies and form factors to heal the body. From our handheld units that target concentrated areas to our whole body form factors, we are able to apply light for healing in a variety of applications. We also are working on a revolutionary solution in the fight against cancer through Illumacell.

Pain Relief

In addition to our healing technologies, we use light to fight pain. We have seen our SunPowerLED technologies help with both acute and chronic pain and offer a variety of solutions to ease discomfort and kickstart the body's natural immune system.


We offer, through SunPowerUVC, a best-in-class disinfector for soft materials. This technology offers unprecedednted bacteria kill rates and is ready to take on the disinfection needs necessitated by Covid-19. Masks and other soft materials can be disinfected in a safe, repeatable, and responsible way with no need for chemicals or downtime.

 Healing. Pain Relief. Disinfection.

Light based technologies utilizing LED UVC and PBM offer a diverse range of applications!


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LET THERE BE LIGHT... and the light was good.   Genesis 1:3